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Serena Thompson

Buyer's Specialist

My name is Serena Thompson and I am a native to our great state!  Raised in Keller, Texas, I graduated from Keller High School where I worked as a receptionist at a local real estate office my senior year and summer after graduation.    I think at that point is when my curiosity really peaked what it must be like running your own business and being a sort of celebrity around town with your face in peoples yards!  

I went on to move to the green and beautiful Lexington, Kentucky.  I thought I might have found my true calling once again after graduating with a bachelors degree in Psychology December of 2008.  Little did I know what the future might actually hold for me.  I decided to take a (brief) break between graduation and getting my masters with a forte in family counseling.  I joined a major airline and galavanted around the world wearing that lovely polyester uniform explaining to the less traveled how to stow your luggage in the over head bins for what turned out to be not so brief!  

I am so grateful to the opportunities my life has brought me.  It’s funny how things always come full circle!  Having left the airlines to be a mother to the most lovely little girl, I have been in Real Estate now 5 years! I could not ask for a better place to call my home than at Ginger and Associates.  I have the best team of professionals I could ask for to work with!  I like to think my background in Psychology and the past years experience I have in Customer Service will continue to escalate me forward for years to come as I build my business in Real Estate. 

Mobile: 817-637-9072